What To Do If You Suffer Data Loss

In the modern age it is likely that all of us will at some stage be affected by data loss. From the small business that keeps its entire invoicing and administration function backed up an external drive, the student whom is writing his / her dissertation on a memory stick to the large business that has a 1000 user email exchange database on a server. It is an everyday situation that all of these will lose critical data - always at the wrong time.

How should you react when the balloon goes up?

1/ Do not panic!

This often makes people make rash decisions they wouldn't in other circumstances. Our advice is to ALWAYS consult a Data Recovery professional and not simply someone whom claims to be able to help.

NUS Data Recovery often receive drives and devices that have previously been assessed elsewhere - sometimes these are non recoverable due to ham fisted (albeit well intentioned) efforts by data recovery amateurs - always consult a professional company.

2/ Do not attempt to repair or recover the data yourself!

In the event of a hard drive failure many people will assume that the O/S or some other form of software corruption is to blame. This is usually not the case and simply running software on the drive will make the problem worse. In all cases obtain the opinion of the professionals who can often advise you over the phone the likely cause of device failure and data loss. In our experience less than 10% of the devices we receive in have some form of software issue - it is nearly always a mechanical or hardware fault. if the drive has been dropped or suffered from some other form of mishandling it is entirely feasible it will have a mechancial element to the damage - in this case software will be of no help!

The other issue is that software in the wrong hands can cause more damage to your data than good! It isn’t necessarily the software that’s wrong - rather the way in which in which it is used.

3/ Shop around for quotes

Whilst everyone is looking for the best possible price our advice is to avoid upfront charges as often indicates a lack of confidence in the company(s) ability to recover the data.  We also advise to avoid company(s) that quote particularly high as often indicates that they are simply licking a stamp and sending the work onto someone else, someone like ourselves!

We are proud to offer our NO Recovery NO Fee Guarantee - unlike so many others within our industry, plus unlike many of these we make people fully aware of whom you are dealing with.

For further information on recovering lost data contact us.


30, Mar, 2010