W D Release Veloci Raptor Hard Disk

Hard Disk Drive manufactuers Western Digital have released, what they describe as the, fastest SATA hard drive on the planet with their latest VelociRaptor issue.

WD's - VelciRaptor Hard Disk - recently releasedThe Drive is designed with speed and reliability in mind and is aimed at the performance enthusiast systems, workstations and low end servers. The drive has an impressive RPM of 10,000 and a 32MB cache. It is some 15% faster than their previously released HLFS drive. The drives are available in storage capacities up to 600GB and have 1.4 million hours MTBF - the highest reliability rating of any SATA hard disk drive. The drive also has a whopping 1,172,123,568 sectors.

WD have continued with their enviromentally friendly vein by ensuring this monstor uses less power than the previous issue but manages to combine both increased storage capacity and speed. Mounted in an IcePack™ frame which has a built in heat sink to ensure the drive is kept extra cool whilst in operation - no doubt adding to the lifetime of the drive.

The real test of WD confidence in the drive is their standard warranty on this product is 5 years and not the regular 3 that seems to be the norm with Hard Disk manufacturers of late.

The drive is released in capacities of 150GB, 300GB, 450GB and 600.

Full product specifications can be found here WD VelociRaptor product overview



07, Apr, 2010