Seagate Beaten Into 2nd Place

Western Digital have proudly announed that they have overtaken rivals Seagate as the biggest producer of hard disk drives, producing a record 51.1 million units in the first quarter of 2010. Production for the same period last year was just over 30 million. Although Seagate remain the bigger entity at present time WD anticpate overtaking their great rivals in the coming months.

WD CEO Jack Coyne remains confident about the future of the Hard Disk Drive market given the rise of Flash Storage Media. "With market demand stronger than anticipated in the March quarter, our large-scale vertical integration, agile business model and product breadth allowed us to respond to this upside opportunity and again grow our share of the overall hard drive market. We believe that 2010 will continue to be a strong year for digital storage. We will maintain our focus on facilitating our customers' growth and making them successful while at the same time achieving sustained profitability for WD."

He continued that although Flash Storage was a welcome additional the market he felt that the bulk of this was being used in smart mobile storage rather than data storage which meant that WD do not anticipate a fall in demand in the forseeable future.

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24, Apr, 2010