Other Flash Media Recovery

NUS Data Recovery are proud of their enviable record in the field of Flash Media Recovery. Our in house electronics division are able to quickly diagnose and recover critical data from your failed Flash Media storage device.

Other Flash Media RecoveryAlthough USB Memory Sticks form the greater part of Flash Media recoveries NUS Data Recovery receive regular enquiries and significant demand for file and picture recovery from other forms of flash media. These are nearly always flash NAND based devices and we employ the same methods of recovery as explained on our Memory Stick Recovery page. Typical causes of failure will be the loss of internal connectively between the PCB and the interface / connectors that are inserted into either the card reader or the camera, or the failure of the internal controller chip.

Common indicators of the latter type of failure are:

 "I/O card error" message on your camera
 "Device not recognised" message when the card is inserted in a reader
 "Card requires formatting" message appears when the card is inserted in a reader
 The card appears either full or empty when showing the device properties.

Flash Media Cards are quite brittle and can often break or bend, if this happens their is still NO reason why your data can't be recovered. Provided the internal Flash NAND chip is undamaged then we see no reason why you will not get your data back.

We are often asked to recover data from the following and support all these types of card for data recovery services:

    * SD Card RecoverySD Card
    * MMC Card recovery
    * xD Card Recovery
    * SmartMedia Card Recovery
    * Compact Flash Recovery
    * Sony Pro Duo Recovery
    * Mini & Micro SD Recovery

In many cases your data can be quickly recovered and either returned to you a CD/ DVD or if the storage capacity of the recovered data is under 1GB we can allow you to download this from our secure FTP servers. thus preventing a return jouney for the recovered data.

Prices start from £99+vat and include:

FREE diagnostics within 24 hrs
production of a file listing of recoverable data
No Data - No Fee guarantee
post recovery support for 10 days
for NUS extra holders

NB we do not offer a FREE collection service for flash media

For a free over the phone diagnostic then please call us on  0333 123 3282 during our workshops hours (9am to 6pm) and we will be able to give free advice on the likely cause of your laptop failure. If you have an out of hours enquiry then please use the contact form on the right hand side of this page or visit the contact page . We endeavour to answer out of hours enquiries within 12 hours of your submission.