USB Memory Stick Repair & Recovery

Our specialist offering is the repair and or data recovery from failed USB Memory Sticks.

USB Memory StickThe popularity of these portable storage devices and their ever increasing capacities ensure that they continue to be the preferred mode of portable data storage / method of data transfer between PC and Laptop.

Regardless of the faults NUS Data Recovery have a 95% success rate in the recovery of these devices and we pride ourselves with offering a quick turnaround time to ensure your critical data is returned to you as quickly as possible to reduce stress caused as a result of data loss.

There are three main causes of the loss of data from these devices:

Physical Damage:

Memory Stick Recovery

The main cause of damage is for the connector to be either bent or snapped off. This can easily occur when the memory stick is brushed against as you either walk past your PC or if you drop or catch your laptop with the memory stick still inserted into the USB port. In nearly all cases the internals chips where your data is stored are undamaged by this type of failure and we would normally expect to make a full recovery of the data after having made some repairs to the internal PCB. Our in house eletronics experts are able to repair and recover the data from these devices - normally within 24-48 hours from receipt of your device in our specilist lab facility.


Controller Chip Failure:

Example of the inside of an SD card

The internal circuit board of a standard Flash NAND device is picture here and this board contains two chips. The chip on the left (the larger of the two) is the Flash NAND and this is where your data is actually stored. The smaller chip ringed in the controller and this allows access to the NAND chip. Once this chip fails then all ability to access your data will be lost. Controller chips are not meant to last forever, they can and will eventually fail and this is presently the most common form of flash device failure. As with physical breaks there is no reason why your data can't be retreived from this device. The picture shows the internal circuit board of a SD (Secure Digital) card but the technology and chip type is also the same for USB Memory Sticks.

To recover this device we are able to remove the NAND chip make a RAW scan of it and then decode the algorithms. Once this is successfully completed your useable data is recovered and available for return to you.

Accidental File Deletion:

Recover Deleted files from your Device

If you accidentally delete information from your device then provide certain conditions apply it is very likely that this information can be retrieved. Crucially certain factors will determine IF your deleted data is recoverable. These include how long ago the event occurred, how much of the device was unused at the time the file(s) were deleted and how much data or information has subsequently been written to the device. To confirm if your deleted data is recoverable we would need to be certain of these above conditions so please have as much recollection of events as you can when contacting us.

Prices start from £99+vat and include:

FREE diagnostics within 24 hrs
production of a file listing of recoverable data
No Data - No Fee guarantee
post recovery support for 10 days
for NUS extra holders

NB we do not offer a FREE collection service for flash media

For a free over the phone diagnostic then please call us on 0333 123 3282 during our workshops hours (9am to 6pm) and we will be able to give free advice on the likely cause of your laptop failure. If you have an out of hours enquiry then please use the contact form on the right hand side of this page or visit the contact page. We endeavour to answer out of hours enquiries within 12 hours of your submission.