Laptop Data Recovery

Trust NUS Data Recovery to recover your critical data from a failed laptop.

Laptop RecoveryAll Laptops contain either a 2.5" or 1.8" hard disk drive which will suffer from the same type of faults as a Desktop PC. Laptops are the preferred machine of choice for pretty much every student and these will often sustain internal faults due to either mechanical damage or electronic failure.

Although most modern laptops are well built and are designed to withstand a certain amount of pressure, vibration and bumping they are not immune to failure as many students have found to their cost.

The most common causes of laptop failure are:

• Failure to boot or load into the O/S due to degradationLaptop Hard Disk Drive
• Static or power surge damage
• Beer, wine, water, coffee and other drink spillage
• Impact damage caused by the laptop being dropped
• Logical table errors

NUS Data Recovery are able to assess the cause of the device failure within 24 hours of the receipt of the device in our labs and are familar with recovery of data from all brands of hard disk drives including -

Hitachi/IBM, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate and Fujitsu. Regardless of your laptop being a Mac or Windows machine we are able to assess, advise and recover your data with minimum cost to yourself. If parts are required in order to complete the hard disk drive repairs you will be advised subsequent to the diagnostic process.

Mechanical damage can occur with frequent movement of the laptop, and if the laptop is dropped then the impact of this is almost certain to result in some kind of mechanical failure.

As with the larger Desktop (3.5" series) of hard disk drives the smaller variety can also develop areas of degradation on the internal platter surfaces which causes boot failure. This is a very common issue and NUS Data Recovery will be able to recover your critical files from disks that have developed this type of failure.

Other causes of failure are when the controller card on the hard disk drive fails which then prevents the hard disk from spinning when the machine is turned on. This is classed as an electronic failure and can require parts to enable the drive to be repaired into a working state. Sudden shutdown of the machine due to power failure can also cause logical table errors. Again NUS Data Recovery are extremely compliant at recovering your data from either of these failure types.

Prices start from £99+vat and include:

FREE collection of your failed device
diagnostics within 24 hrs
production of a file listing of recoverable data
No Data - No Fee guarantee
post recovery support for 10 days
for NUS extra holders

For a free over the phone diagnostic then please call us on 0333 123 3282 during our workshops hours (9am to 6pm) and we will be able to give free advice on the likely cause of your laptop failure. If you have an out of hours enquiry then please use the contact form on the right hand side of this page or visit the contact page. We endeavour to answer out of hours enquiries within 12 hours of your submission.