Do Not Risk Your Data On Cheap Quick Fix Data Recovery Software

For those students looking for a discounted price for data recovery or repair and recovery of a hard drive, SSD Drive or memory stick then the following email chain may be of use;

Subject: Contact for NUS Data Recovery
Name: Ian
Wrote this message:
I think my Laptop Has suffered impact damage and now beeps on start up and say check connection cannot locate bootable disk. I am a university student and wondered what kind of price on average I would be looking at for data recovery.

Andy Butler wrote:

Hi Ian

If it has taken a knock it is most likely stuck heads or a seized motor,

The NUS Discounted cost of recovery is £399+vat  it includes the cost of the donor drive needed for the recovery and Courier return costs on a 5-7 working day service (faster services available if needed) plus a suitable drive for the recovered data.

No recovery No Fee
Free Collection
Free Assessment

If this is of interest let me know.


Andy I have had the hard drive removed and a new one fitted to my laptop.

Would there be a time scale on being able to recover the data? The data recovery isn't urgent so I would like a while to save up. Is there a way to store the hard drive to protect the data?


Andy Butler wrote:

Providing you prevent any further powering up, knocks, drops, strong  magnetic fields static discharge or undue moisture then if it is recoverable today then it will still be recoverable in years to come.

Put a note with it to remind you what is important on it and not to power it up under any circumstances.

Today another client did not heed the warning not to power the drive up and there was a software attempt made despite the drive making terrible screeching noises. When we received the drive the damage to the platters was so severe that nothing could be done.

Thank you for your advice!
regards Ian B

NUS Data Recovery

02, Apr, 2015