Avoid Stress At Exam Time - Ways To Avoid Data Loss

University and college students are advised to ensure that dissertations and other critical data are/is backed up securely in the coming weeks as the exam season looms. For many the final few weeks of a three year degree course will hinge on a series of examinations and the submission of the final dissertation.

Data Solutions regularly receive enquiries and requests to recover information from broken pen drives, failed hard drives and other storage media at this time - often with the distraught student requesting emergency service levels due to looming deadlines. This level of service normally carries a premium price that many students are often either unable to afford or have to borrow from housemates or parents to have the data recovered. If they are unable to afford the service then this leaves them with the unenviable choice of trying to replicate 3 years work inside a few days or even a few hours!

Therefore we are issuing the following practical guidance to all students.

1/ Backup critical data after every pause in your work schedule

2/ Ensure that backups are mirrored (i.e. multiple copies of each one)

3/ Consider sending copies of your work to your own email address as this will enable the document to be stored on an email server - probably provided by your University.

4/ Enquire about online data backup - most Universities and Colleges have such facilities - often for free! Alternatively contact Data Solutions via our main website and we will be happy to quote you for an online data storage account.

To ensure that one disaster doesn't ruin your coursework or dissertation submission, or even your future career prospects, we recommend that you do consider multiple forms of backup to different storage mediums - such as – burning to CD or DVD, USB Memory Stick, SD Card, Portable Hard Disk Drive, Online Data Storage. Most dissertations may have many thousands of words but they only occupy a few MB’s on a CD or Memory Stick. But do remember that ALL forms of data storage are temporary and are guaranteed to fail at some point.

Do not rely on one single method of backup for your critical data - as if this fails you will be left without a backup.

Remember 10 minutes spent backing up will ensure you do not have to repeat stressful situations as suffered by many.

17, Mar, 2010